Tuesday, September 4, 2012


    Charles D. Jones
                      2D Animator                               charles-d-jones@hotmail.com                          289.442.8387   
Work Experience 
Flash animator at Elliott Animation
Feb 2013 - Feb 2014  (1 year)
       -   Using provided models, I animated between 90 - 100 seconds ever 2 weeks
       -   I worked on 2 different show with very different animation styles (Total Drama/Grojband)
       -   clearly communicated and revised fixes as requested by the Animation Directors 

Director / Flash Animator / Model Breaker / Leica Editing
Dec 2011 - Apr 2012  (5 months)
         -  Seneca College 2nd year student short film, "The Ballad of El Flamingo"
         -  Work on every aspect of the animation pipeline start to finish
         -  Led a team to hit deadlines and stay excited to work on the project

Character and prop design for Ikea Monkey Game (Internet game)
Dec 2012 (3 days)
       -  Responsible for designing and cleaning assets in a tight scheduled

Volunteered with TAAFI (Toronto Animation Arts Festival International)
       -  Helped with initial set-up preparations and ticket sales for the industry night
Proficient in:
        -  Adobe Flash -- Adobe Photoshop -- Adobe Premiere Pro
Experience with:
       - Toon Boom Animate Pro  --  Adobe After Effects
- Acting
- Story Telling
- Interpersonal Skills
- Scheduling my time
Seneca@York (Toronto) Animation Arts & Art Fundamentals 
Relevant Courses:
Classical Animation -- Acting for Animation -- 2D Digital Animation --  Life Drawing -- Character design